It’s 9:58 pm Mountain and Google has been down now for over 30 minutes. At first I thought it was my network. All of my browsers are set to the Google home page. My search bars in both browsers are set to Google. I checked the browser, turned off the firewall (my firewall makes me paranoid), repaired my network connection, cycled the power on my cable modem (did I pay that bill?), rebooted, rebooted to a different OS, changed computers, and as a last feeble attempt to reach humanity, hard-coded the script “” into the browser address bar and….

Google was down. I’m feeling like someone that has first ventured away from AOL (..oof). Congratulations Google, you’ve got me wired in. You were once the Anti-Portal with none of the annoying flashy garbage that was being served on other more “evil” search sites. Now we have iGoogle, Talk, Maps, Documents, Email, Social Networking, the whole nine. It’s not that they weren’t available back then, they just sucked (OK, Orkut kind of sucks). Google just creeped into the scene wearing a sheep jacket and fooled us. They tempted the stalwart hacker types with “Beta” and “Lab” software and services. Gmail was an invite only service for quite a while, and has only just recently “opened” registration. However, getting an invite to Gmail was about as difficult as finding a cracked version of Photoshop.

Certainly, I deserve to feel like a fool. I can recall poking fun at the AOL crowd, the blind lead by the rich, with their “You’ve Got Mail!”, and glowing casino billboards and circus clowns and the lot. Looked more like a virus to me. My elitist sentiments made me feel superior. After all, My Google was devoted to simplicity and functionality. It was my magic carpet. Type a location and zing. What more could you want? Now, with the proliferation of databased (is that one word or two?) websites, or as we are programed to say, “Web 2.0”, I’ve realized the need for customized content, feeds, widgets, social bookmarking, and such. Hell, I’ve even grown a bit fond of the ever changing, cute little, scenes on my iGoogle banner. Did I say banner? I’m going to go shower…